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Joe (2002)

9 minutos

9 minutos

Director: Jill Haras

Reparto: Blu Mankuma,Richard de Klerk,Maria Fierro,Shirley Millner,Janyse Jaud,Colin Murdock,Michael Dobson,Laara Sadiq,Terry Klassen,Katya Virshilas,Michal Suchánek,Nickol Tschenscher,Natasha Vasiluk,Eric Savics,

Fecha de Estreno: 2002-01-01


This animated short tells the story of Seraphim "Joe" Fortes, one of Vancouver's most beloved citizens. Born in the West Indies, Joe Fortes swam in English Bay for over than 30 years. A self-appointed lifeguard at first, he became so famous that the city of Vancouver finally rewarded him with a salary for doing what he loved best.