Fuera de Cartelera

We're No Bad Guys (1997)

101 minutos

101 minutos

Director: Wong Jing

Reparto: Jordan Chan,Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin,Michael Chan,Gigi Leung,Alex Fong,Vivian Hsu,Law Kar-Ying,Meg Lam Kin-Ming,Jue Wing-Lung,Berg Ng,William Duen,Spencer Lam,Lee Siu-Kei,Lee Kin-Yan,

Fecha de Estreno: 1997-09-25


Plane (Ekin Cheng), a troubled cop who hits the skids when his girlfriend Carrie (Gigi Leung) is killed by a stoic hitman named Angel (Alex Fong). One year later he finds himself saddled with new partner Turkey (Jordan Chan), an immature cop who is in love with up-and-coming idol singer Tinny Chung (Vivian Hsu). There are the usual growing pains as the two partners learn to like and trust one another. Plane meets Tinny's friend Mandy, her looks resemble Carrie's and they fall in love. Angel then returns to settle old scores.