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Mr. Mistress (1988)

106 minutos

106 minutos

Director: Pak Lam Chui

Reparto: Cherie Chung,Nina Li Chi,Hoh Sau-San,Eric Tsang,Melvin Wong Gam-Sam,Charine Chan,Cheng Mang-Ha,Tsan-Sang Cheung,Chow Mei-Fung,Ka Wah Lam,Law Ching-Ho,Carrie Ng,Ni Kuang,

Fecha de Estreno: 1988-05-17


Ivan is a sales manager and enjoying couple life with his charming, sexy wife called Mimi, but the appearance of Alice crushes their relationship. Alice is the Vise President of one of the biggest Aerobics Equipment company, looking for appointed agent in Hong Kong. Coincidently, Alice's manager Peter is Ivan's old schoolmate, he promises Ivan to put him into the group. In order to chase Mimi, Peter sets up tricks to ruin her relationship with Ivan. He makes chance for Ivan and Alice to meet, and they fall in love gradually. Mimi discovered their relationship and decided to leave Hong Kong. A courtship cannot exists three people, Alice chooses to explain to Mimi that all things are set up by Peter, then she leaves and Mimi and Ivan back to their perfect couple life.