Fuera de Cartelera

Feel 100% (1996)

97 minutos

97 minutos

Director: Joe Ma

Reparto: Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin,Sammi Cheng,Gigi Leung,Eric Kot Man-Fai,Christine Ng,Lee Siu-Kei,Vincent Kok,Spencer Lam,Law Kar-Ying,Allen Ting,Wyman Wong Wai-Man,Cheuk Wan-Chi,

Fecha de Estreno: 1996-07-20


The main characters are two male best friends, Jerry and Hui Lok (許樂), and their female friend, Cherie. The story revolves around their relationships with others, including Jenny and Kei Kei (琪琪), and each other. Jerry, Cherrie, and Lok are a pop trio, and the boys have agreed not to court Cherrie for the good of the group. Jerry's a feckless playboy, but he falls hard for the beautiful and talented Fonfong; she becomes his roommate as Cherrie looks on. Lok has two women in his life, the young and innocent Man-Yi, and Rachel, a mysterious minx into bondage and sexual excess. Things come to a head when Fonfong has a chance to study in Paris and Rachel takes things a bit far with Lok. It's time for Jerry and Lok to look around: is true love closer at hand? And what about Cherrie, who's been bruised often by Jerry: what will she decide?