Fuera de Cartelera

Set to Kill (2005)

95 minutos

95 minutos

Director: Marco Mak Chi-Sin

Reparto: Raymond Wong Ho-yin,Ning Jing,Johnny Lu,Berg Ng,Marco Lok Nik-Wai,Isabel Chan,Carl Ng,Lau Siu-Ming,So Tung,

Fecha de Estreno: 2005-04-07


A money laundering scheme was uncovered inside a Hong Kong investment bank. The money vanishes and the international mob boss "Big Bob" demands the bank to return all of the money. First she starts with assistant chief officer Connie. In order to protect Connie, Connie's boyfriend and bank chairman Billy ask for "hired guns" from retired mob boss Uncle Ghost. Uncle Ghost sends his followers Nick, Big Brother, Ah Fei and female bodyguard Lisa to protect Connie. But where did the money go?