Fuera de Cartelera

Ministry of Vengeance (1989)

96 minutos

96 minutos

Director: Peter Maris

Reparto: John Schneider,Robert Miano,Meg Register,Ned Beatty,George Kennedy,James Tolkan,Yaphet Kotto,Brodie Greer,Apollonia Kotero,Maria Richwine,Ken Abraham,Daniel Radell,Joey Peters,Joseph Michael Roth,Maximilian A. Mastrangelo,

Fecha de Estreno: 1989-11-03


David Miller is a Vietnam vet who renounced violence and became a minister after he was forced to blow up a Viet Cong kid in self defense, but years later, when David's wife Gail and daughter Kim are killed by a group of terrorists led by Ali Aboud, in a massacre at an airport in Rome, Italy, David is devastated. Going against his faith, David sets out to find and kill Ali Aboud.