Fuera de Cartelera

Lung Fung Restaurant (1990)

88 minutos

88 minutos

Director: Poon Man-kit

Reparto: Max Mok Siu-Chung,Stephen Chow,Ellen Chan,Charine Chan,Ng Man-Tat,Chu Tit-Wo,Parkman Wong,Wong Chak-Man,Tam Sin-Hung,Henry Fong Ping,Chan Ging-Cheung,Gilbert Lam Wai-San,

Fecha de Estreno: 1990-04-26


Max Mok Siu-chung stars in this gangster flick cum romantic drama as Dragon Ching, a two-bit gangster who has recently been released from stir. Vowing to go straight, he lands a job as a waiter at the Lung Fung restaurant where he immediately falls for a gorgeous bar girl named Gigi (Ellen Chan Ar-lun). Though she initially less than receptive to the ex-con, Gigi inevitably she falls prey to his wiles. As the two are planning their wedding, Ching learns that his former boss is in trouble and vows to save him. His vendetta soon drives a wedge between Ching and his love. Ng Man-tat and Stephen Chow, before he became a comic superstar, also appears.