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Ah Sou (2005)

90 minutos

90 minutos

Director: Wong Ching-Po

Reparto: Annie Liu,Eric Tsang,Anthony Wong,Simon Yam,Alex Fong,Yuen Wah,Liu Ye,Liu Kai-Chi,Karena Lam,Tse Kwan-Ho,Yeung Ga-Shing,Morris Rong Xiang,Lawrence Cheng,Him Law,

Fecha de Estreno: 2005-08-04


In the macho triad world where heroes are molded from blood, brawn and brains, what place is there for a defenseless girl? The only exception to the rule is if you earn your respect as 'Ah Sou' - the big boss' wife. Ah Sou tells the extraordinary story of an innocent girl who becomes appointed successor to Hong Kong's ruling triad. This role becomes a double-edged sword for our young heroine, who is sucked into a maelstrom of vicious gang wars, hair-raising assassination attempts and ruthless power struggles and betrayals. Through numerous violent episodes and unexpected reversals, she discovers her own inner strength and re-writes the laws of the triad kingdom.