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My Loving Trouble 7 (1999)

109 minutos

109 minutos

Director: James Yuen

Reparto: Patrick Tam,Shu Qi,Tien Hsin,Ken Wong,Jackson Liu,Michael Tse,Joey Leung,Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu,Kristy Yang,

Fecha de Estreno: 1999-03-11


Patrick Tam plays James, a director of TV commercials who becomes infatuated with Julia, a mysterious woman he happens to notice walking across the street one day (and since Julia is played by Shu Qi, who can blame him?). She is actually a high-tech industrial spy, and plans to quit the service after completing one more mission, with the help of her new partner Candy (Tien Hsin). When the women realize that they have been set up, James tries to help them and the initially hostile Julia begins warming up to him.