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A Fairy Tale Christmas (2005)

47 minutos

47 minutos

Director: Tim Tyler

Reparto: Lara Gilchrist,Michael Dobson,Jan Rabson,Chiara Zanni,Matt Hill,Pam Hyatt,Tegan Moss,Doug Abrahams,Alexis Korchinski,Brianna George,Jay Semko,

Fecha de Estreno: 2005-11-15


Once upon a time there was a happy kingdom at the crest of a broad river, at the edge of nearly endless forest. The kingdom was ruled by a fair and just King who had but one daughter, who was the apple of his eye: Princess Angela. She thought of herself as the happiest girl in the whole world because she played all day and danced for her father, the King, at night. But one day all happiness in the kingdom came to an end. Princess Angela was kidnapped by the King's Viceroy. The Viceroy left Angela with his brother, a selfish and mean-hearted woodsman, who lived deep in the heart of the nearly endless forest. Years passed and the kingdom became a very unhappy place, for the King spent all his time looking searching from one end of his vast kingdom to the other looking for his daughter, Princess Angela.